Where does your beef come from?

Ours comes from right here at home -- and now we have enough to share!

We began in 2007 raising Irish Dexter cattle on our small farm to provide high-quality beef for our family. As we shared the healthy, delicious meat with family and friends, they always wanted more. We looked for the perfect place to expand our farm, and we found it in the heart of Cooke County, Texas.  Our herd is thriving here and has grown enough to allow us to offer our home-grown pasture-raised beef to our neighbors.


All Chaparral Creek Farm beef comes exclusively from our on-premises herd of heritage Irish Dexters. Our cattle are raised naturally, with gentle care and respect for the animal.  We don't spray our pastures with pesticides or herbicides, and our cattle don't receive hormones or antibiotics.


Because our beef is pasture-raised and pasture-finished right here on our farm, our production is limited. Our commitment is to deliver healthy, high-quality beef that will nourish your family.

We are located in beautiful Cooke County, Texas, minutes from Gainesville, and a short drive from Denton, Sanger, Sherman and Whitesboro.

Contact us at chaparralcreek@aol.com to try some of this great beef for yourself; then you'll know where your beef comes from, too.





Chaparral Creek Farm

Local Pasture-Raised Heritage

Irish Dexter Beef

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