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Irish Dexter Cattle

  • Dexters are a heritage breed of cattle, originating from Ireland. They are known as a dual-purpose breed because they produce excellent meat and also make good family milk cows.  

  • Because of their slightly smaller stature, Dexters don't fit the commercial beef industry profile; this means they haven't been bred to grain finish in a feedlot.  The breed still maintains its ability to produce quality meat by grazing pasture and eating hay.

  • The beef produced by Dexters is healthy, tender and tasty with a very good Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty-acid ratio.

  • We've been a member of the American Dexter Cattle Association since 2007.  You can learn more about Dexters from the ADCA website and see photos of some of our herd here.

On our farm...

  • Our cows are free to be cows. They roam the pastures, drink from the freshwater ponds and soak up the sunshine.  

  • Our calves stay with their mothers, and often self-wean. 

  • Our cows keep their horns, as is natural for this heritage breed. Horns provide protection from predators, and the cows don't go through the stress of dehorning. (Bulls are de-horned.)

  • We don't give our cows hormones or antibiotics to promote growth.

  • Our cattle are pasture-raised and pasture-finished. We supplement with hay, protein and minerals as necessary to keep them in top condition.  

  • We harvest at a later age than commercial producers in order to get the best quality beef from our heritage breed raised on pasture.

  • Each package of our beef can be traced to a single animal raised on our farm.




Chaparral Creek Farm

Local Pasture-Raised Heritage

Irish Dexter Beef

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