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We breed specifically to produce a thick, beefy body on our Dexters.  We prefer the heritage horned trait over the more recent polled variety.  The Dun color of our herd ranges from almost blonde to chocolate brown.

Our first herd bull, WD Jimmy B, won Grand Champion Dexter Bull at the 2009 Houston Livestock Show.  He brings outstanding conformation to our herd, and his son, CC Farm's Augustus (whose mother was also a Grand Champion at the 2009 Houston Livestock Show), is delivering equally impressive calves.

Click on the photo to see some of our herd.


Our cattle are registered with the American Dexter Cattle Association, where we have been a member since 2007.  For more information about Irish Dexter cattle, visit the ADCA website




Chaparral Creek Farm

Local Pasture-Raised Heritage

Irish Dexter Beef

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