We offer the best center cuts, and our premium ground beef includes the sirloin, round and chuck portions.
  • Natural, pasture-raised and pasture-finished on our farm
  • No hormones, no antibiotics
  • Limited production
  • USDA inspected, prepared and packaged for sale locally by Hess Meat Market in Muenster
Let us know if you are interested in other cuts.
We also sell custom beef by the half or whole.
Contact us for availability.

Premium Ground Beef - $7 package 

This is not your average grind of whatever's left over from multiple sources.  Includes the sirloin, round and chuck portions, and is around 80/20 for the best taste and texture.

Approximately 1 lb./package.

Ribeye Steaks - $28 package of 2

Beautifully marbled and sized just right.  Perfect for grilling or stove-top cooking in your favorite cast iron skillet.

Two per package, approximately 1.75 pounds total.

Tenderloin Filets - $22 package of 2

The best we offer.  The "Filet Mignon" cut.  We don't wrap them in bacon -- they are already so tasty and tender (and we don't raise hogs!)

Two per package, approximately 1 lb. total.

Strip Steaks - $24 package of 2

Thick cut, tender and nicely-marbled.

Two per package, approximately 1.25 lbs. total.




Chaparral Creek Farm

Local Pasture-Raised Heritage

Irish Dexter Beef

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